When one or more of the following reasons occur in the said building:

Its Energy Upgrade is required with the optimal cost-benefit ratio.
It is desirable to implement modern technologies, which will offer reduced operating costs of air conditioning and hot water production systems.
There are problems in the operation or in achieving the desired conditions.
We want to know in advance the cost of construction of modern technologies and the depreciation time of the investment, but with scientific documentation.
The existing air conditioning – ventilation – hot water study is old or contains room for improvement or completion.
Targeted or radical interventions in air conditioning engine rooms are required.

Because EcmKlima offers with great responsibility:

Specialized air conditioning services.
Modern technologies, applied with simplicity.
Solving operational problems.
Original – innovative solutions, where required.
Economy in operation and construction costs.
Flexibility adjustment to the investment height.

Because EcmKlima has a lot of experience and know-how to provide reliably:

Analysis of technical data and consumption of the specific installation.
Preliminary design – proposal tailored to the specific requirements of each installer.
Scientific documentation of depreciation time of each application with the elaboration of an energy study.
Achieving optimal cost-benefit ratio.
Excellent application and utilization of new technologies.
Adaptation of smart and targeted automation systems.
Ensuring maximum possible economy in operation.

Εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας κλιματισμού

The percentage of savings achieved depends on the type and performance of the existing systems and of course on the successful design – selection – application of new technologies.
Thus, the cost-depreciation ratio is optimized and depending on the installation, energy cost savings range from 25% to 75%.
Energy saving is determined during the study-proposal phase in a highly reliable way, based on the know-how, experience and elaboration of an energy study.
After the implementation of the proposal, the energy benefit is recorded through appropriate measuring devices.
Yes, it is possible to provide a savings guarantee.
Upgrade options, especially in large air conditioning systems, may be multiple, distinct or related, lower or higher cost, lower or higher degree of implementation difficulty. The high level of knowledge, experience and analysis of the operation of the installation are the key to determining the appropriate new technologies. Thus, the optimal cost-benefit ratio of each upgrade option is determined.
At the same time, the existing facilities take into account the age of the equipment and the treatment of any malfunctions, which may not be easily perceived.
Yes, the perfect and quality application, combined with the installation of the appropriate control and monitoring system, ensures smooth and efficient operation in the long run.
Yes, the appropriate operation is performed each time, after studying and analyzing all the data and requirements of the facilities.