While owners are looking at existing buildings, reducing energy consumption and operating costs and / or improving the amenity or working spaces’ conditions, we proceed to the following procedure:

Initial inspection of the air conditioning systems  takes place from our company experts , the most important parameters and operating data are recorded and energy consumption is identified. Depending on the complexity of the installations further stages of analysis of energy data of the building may be required.

Operation budget. Along with the collection of initial operational data can be arranged by the investor an estimated value of the project budget, size and type of interventions required, the equipment require replacing and the potential savings and payback.

Detailed energy audit, design and proposal. In order to present a detailed technical proposal best performance cost evaluation study for the application based on our expertise, knowledge of new technologies and modern air conditioning systems, experience in implementation and innovation. The technical proposal includes technical specifications, precise as built drawings, three-dimensional plant room drawings and routing, energy systems analysis.