We can perform the balancing of the pipe work as well as measurements, testing and adjustment to operating parameters (Commissioning) such as control valves, water temperatures, performance data, pressure, air flows and temperatures etc.

We ensure in terms of commissioning proper systems operation, optimal energy performance and meeting the requirements of the Owner.

To achieve balancing,  we will produce design plans with presets, for all balancing devices used and show all presets , regardless of their manufacturer.

Of course, we also take on the final measurements and settings (TAB: Testing, Adjusting, Balancing) in the project, using the required measuring equipment.

Finally, we can offer above mentioned upgrade services, configuration and customization  of air conditioning system parameters to existing facilities (retro-commissioning).

We are unique in the Greek market that we can offer this service at the right level (presets – measurements – final adjustments),  with the required knowledge of the subject (participation in seminars, literature, etc.) and having already 20 years experience in balancing very large projects.