There are remarkable technologies and alternative solutions used throughout Europe and elsewhere, but they themselves may not be the best choice  for the  available budget. Yet consider these technologies to adapt to the peculiarities of your building and to achieve the optimal scenario, energy efficiency and cost.

We are aware of the latest technologies in the market and provide specific suggestions and solutions that significantly reduce air conditioning operating costs (up to 40%).

Our specialized air conditioning  services are related to residential, commercial and industrial buildings of various types, from simple and small to large and more complex.

There are also buildings which may well be regarded as having good or very good performance of air conditioning systems, which however required some cheap, simple and targeted interventions or methods that would enable the maximization of energy savings.

Also, there are similar or same buildings where similar low-cost measures can significantly improve people’s space comfort, with very significant direct and indirect economic benefits for the owner.


Some innovative high performance solutions:


  • Energy ventilation through the building facade, resulting in eliminating suspended ceilings (saving at least 30cm per floor) - for all types of commercial buildings.
  • Use of local geothermal heat pumps, resulting in independent operation and the elimination of the central plant (saving space on the mechanical room floor) - for all types of commercial buildings.
  • Use air cooled packaged heat pump type, cooled by air from the conditioned space, resulting in excellent efficiency and the elimination of the exhaust duct  system - for stores, super markets, etc.
  • Using special fresh air handling units saving of 50% of the required heating or  cooling loads can be achieved, from the common systems incorporating a simple air/air plate heat exchanger - for all types of buildings.

There are many solutions which could be applied to your building  giving results as those mentioned above.

In any case these solutions are characterized as follows:

  • Simplicity and low installation  cost
  • Saving space, height.
  • Saving design and construction time.
  • Easy maintenance

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