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The activities of EcmKlima include  specialized air conditionining design - construction . Our services may include one or all stages of completion of an  installation, from design stage to a complete working project aiming to:

High energy efficiency of air conditioning systems
Reduction of construction costs
Ideal indoor conditions
Reduced installation operating costs,and
Enviromental protection and respect

Means used for completing our aims include:

Knowledge, responsibility , experience, Accurate data analysis, Contemporary air conditioning solutions, Innovative ideas,Innovative solutions, Optimized efficiency-cost applications

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Flexibility and adaptation services of EcmKlima to the needs of the project:

Design-Supervision, Construction, Commissioning, and system adaptation, Consultation services and Project management

  • Building energy upgrade
  • Building energy simulation
  • High efficiency air conditioning systems
  • Existing air conditioning system upgrade
  • Mechanical room upgrade
  • Mechanical room design – shop drawings
  • Air conditioning services commissioning
  • Air conditioning ducting shop drawings
  • Existing air conditioning system design optimization



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